Essay Writing Skills

An essay is a short literary composition based on an author’s personal point of view. Modern education as well as professions such as journalism and freelance writing has made learning the skill of writing essays quite important. As such, many experts have provided guidelines for perfecting the skill of essay writing. Being a learned skill, essay writing skills must be continuously improved to ensure quality essays are written. Good essays include the following major parts:

  1. Topic outline
  2. Brief introduction
  3. Thesis statement
  4. The body (4-6 paragraphs)
  5. Conclusion

Ways of Improving your Essay Writing Skills

There are various types of essays, including expository, narrative and persuasive essays among others. Improving one’s essay writing skills involves adopting various guidelines as well as avoiding some of them.

Essay writing skills improvement guidelines

Firstly, make sure you read and understand the topic and then jot down relevant concepts, themes, people and events related to the topic, in coming up with a thesis statement and major points. This should be written on a rough draft, based on a wide array of informational sources, providing a basis for writing an organized, coherent and excellent essay. Be clear, specific, logical, persuasive and forceful in making your points, in simple and understandable language, based on a personal analysis of relevant informational sources. Information in form of paragraphs or quotes should be appropriately referenced to avoid plagiarism. After writing the final draft, you should re-read your essay to eliminate any grammatical and technical errors.

Tips to avoid in writing essays

Improvement in writing essays also relies on avoiding various obvious errors and mistakes that one may take for granted, and which weaken the overall quality of the essay. The tips to avoid in essay writing include-:

  • Do not copy-paste information from other sources
  • Do not use complex words and long sentences in explaining and furthering your arguments
  • Do not respond to a question that has not been asked
  • Avoid using ‘I’ statements
  • Do not begin your essay before you understand the topic and formulate a thesis statement
  • Avoid impressing the reader with big or complex words and vocabulary used incorrectly

Adopting and being conscious of these guidelines will enhance your essay writing skills in writing an excellent and high quality essay.